Trail Farmers Market Boosts Local Economy by $900K Annually, Study Finds


Trail, BC – (August 23, 2023) – Trail’s IncrEDIBLE Farmers Market is a significant economic player in Trail, injecting nearly $990,000 annually into the local economy, according to a recent study. 

“Although people know the market is a great place to buy fresh, local food,” said Kristen Walsh, the farmers’ market manager, “the results of this study help us communicate to others how valuable the farmers’ market is to our community.”

Approximately 21,816 people visit the farmers’ market annually and on the day of the study, August 12, 2023, roughly 2,808 people visited the market. About 67 of these visitors participated in the survey. Almost half of shoppers visit the market either ‘regularly’ (almost weekly) or ‘frequently’ (2-3 times per month).

Trail’s IncrEDIBLE Farmers Market is participating in a province-wide study of the economic benefits of farmers markets. “Farmers’ markets continue to serve as the face of farming in BC,” said Heather O’Hara, Executive Director of the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets. “There has been significant growth in the number and vitality of farmers’ markets in BC and it is important to understand not only what they contribute but also how much they contribute to local neighbourhoods, cities, and towns,” she explained.

Dr. David Connell, a professor from the University of Northern BC who is leading the project, added, “This project builds upon the results of a similar study we did in 2006 and in 2012. At the end of this project, we will be able to compare our results with these past studies to see how much has changed.”

An anticipation of surprises characterizes the renowned Trail’s IncrEDIBLE Farmers Market, a haven for all ages. Set along the Columbia River Esplanade, this family-friendly market beckons visitors with access to one of North America’s longest pedestrian suspension bridges. Amidst the vibrant local business landscape and live performances, the market transforms The Esplanade into a pedestrian-friendly haven every alternate Saturday.

Embracing the region’s rich diversity, the market thrives from early spring to early autumn. Local vendors converge, presenting a diverse array of top-notch goods, from fresh cupcakes, seasonal produce, and on-the-go meals to original artworks, craft liqueurs, and local wines. This convivial gathering spot encourages interactions with friendly producers who eagerly share their expertise. The market’s allure extends to the white garden and internationally acclaimed floral exhibitions, completing a holistic celebration of local creativity.

The project is carried out by the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets in collaboration with Dr. David Connell, a professor at the University of Northern British Columbia. Financial assistance was provided by the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets and the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food.



Kristen Walsh, Market Manager, Trail’s IncrEDIBLE Farmers Market, 403-928-4035 or

Heather O’Hara, Executive Director, BC Association of Farmers’ Markets, 604-734-9797 or 

David Connell, Professor, Ecosystem Science and Management, UNBC, 250-960-5835 or