In partnership with the Trail & District Chamber of Commerce and Trail’s IncrEDIBLE Farmers Market
Come and join the fun! Learn about locally grown and produced food in the West Kootenay and cook tasty meals at home with a group of online friends cheering you on every step of the way. The Kootenay Teen Chef Club (KTCC) gives 12- to 18-year-old South Kootenay residents an opportunity to explore, play, and build confidence in the kitchen. Empowering youth to connect with local growers and nurture themselves with nutritious meals not only encourages a valuable life skill, but may even spark interest in a potential career in culinary arts or agriculture. KTCC is brought to you in partnership with the Trail & District Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to sponsors, teens can participate at no cost and join the early bird list for intake notification.

Follow the teen chefs on their culinary adventures!

Here's How it Works

Beginning in June and continuing each month, a culinary theme is presented. Club members shop at the IncrEDIBLE Farmers Market with vouchers and use their ingredients to prepare a dish based on a monthly theme. Then they upload photos to the social media channel of their choice (Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok) to receive their credit iron-on badge for the month. Parent/guardian-supervised social media accounts are strongly recommended.

There is a Facebook support group exclusively for club members and their supervising parents/guardians, packed with great cooking tips and recipe ideas. Participants can ask questions and troubleshoot with fellow members and experts, as well as get updates through Instagram and TikTok.