By partnering with local homegrown businesses that produce a range of items, from pottery to cosmetics to locally grown food we give back to not only these small businesses, but also advocate for buying local.

In Our Community

As an organization, we believe that giving back to the community we live in is essential. Through a few different programs, we are able to support fellow members of our community.

Nutrition Coupon Program

The Nutrition Coupon Program, which is run in partnership with Columbia Basin Trust, United Way & Trail United Church.

The program offers seniors, expecting mothers, and low-income families coupons to use at the market to purchase quality, local meat, poultry, dairy, and fresh produce.

Nutrition Coupon Program Sponsorship

The Nutrition Coupon program supports members of our community by providing coupons toward fresh, locally sourced food.

Donation Options:

$25 Weekly
$100 Monthly
$400 Season

*Donations above $25 will receive a Charitable Donation Receipt upon request.


Food Bank Garden

The market also works with numerous volunteers & local organizations to plant and grow food in a Food Bank Garden on Riverside Avenue in Trail. The food grown in the garden helps provide members of our community with fresh produce at no cost.