Our largest market of the year showcases vendors from across the Lower Columbia region in a festive indoor pop-up venue. Brimming with a variety of make, bake, and grow products and vendors, this market boosts holiday cheer while supporting small businesses. Get in the Christmas spirit and fill your stocking!

2023 Christmas Market application form

Please Note: You have received this application upon special request. Regular applications are currently closed for this event. Please contact the Market Manager about any questions you may have.

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    Incredible Christmas Market – Rules and Regulations/Policies

    1. All vendors must grow, make, bake, raise or wildly harvest the products being sold.
    Re-selling is not permitted. Trail’s IncrEDIBLE Farmers Market committee reserves the right to make all final decisions
    2. You may set up on Friday Night between 5:30pm and 10:30pm. The mall security system is set at 11:00pm. Or, you may set up Saturday morning after 7:00am. You must be fully set up 15 minutes prior to the start of each day of the market.
    3. Space allocated to a vendor does not provide any proprietary interest in that space and the market management will have due regard to the overall interests of the market and be the final arbiter of space allocation with regard to safety and
    4. All vendors must stay until the end of the market. Vendors must plan to keep their entire setup in place until the market has closed. If a vendor has sold out, vendors are free to put up a sign to that effect and leave an empty booth.
    5. Clearing the site at the end of market: Vendors are required to pack all items, clean up and remove any garbage from their area.
    6. Food sampling can only happen when all health regulations are being followed. A wastebasket must be provided and disposed of by the vendor. COVID protocols will also dictate requirements.
    7. Proof of certification is required for foods identified as “organic”. No use of the word organic, or any form of the word, can be used by a vendor unless certification is approved.
    8. Food Vendors must abide by the regulations set out in the most current “Guideline for the Sale of Food at Temporary Markets”
    9. All vendors must meet the federal, provincial and local regulations for the products they sell.
    10. Each vendor’s allocated space is the vendor’s responsibility.
    11. Vendors are responsible for creating a safe environment.
    12. Disputes
    a. Vendors in conflict shall refer matters in writing to the Christmas Market Committee.
    b. Vendors in conflict with the Christmas Market Manager shall appeal to the Christmas Market Committee with a written description of the conflict.
    13. The public, other vendors and market management, mall management and businesses will be treated with utmost courtesy and respect.
    14. Vendors agree that the Market is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to vendor, vendor merchandise, displays or products, at any time while in attendance at the market. Vendors are responsible for their own insurance coverage.
    15. Vendors are responsible for their own tax obligations.
    16. BC Provincial Health Officer and BC Centre for Disease Control Guidelines will be strictly followed and may change between application and Christmas Market Dates.

    Community Groups and Organizations

    1. A maximum of two spaces, space permitting, is allowed for education/community tables These are for non-profit organizations, including government, which in some way contribute to the environmental, social or cultural health of the community. Attendance must be pre-booked.
    2. While we welcomes a diversity of non-profit organizations, it will not permit the promotion of political candidates, specific political causes, including the signing of petitions or letters of support.
    3. Groups strictly promoting one political party or religious perspective are not considered education/community groups.
    4. Items for sale at education/fundraising tables must adhere to all Christmas Market Policies and be approved by the Christmas Market Manager. Items which appear to directly compete with market vendors may not be permitted. Exceptions are locally-produced or printed items such as pamphlets, t-shirts, bags, etc., which enhance the education program of the organization or products which are uniquely identified with Community Groups.

    I have read the Incredible Christmas Market Rules and Regulations/Policies (initials required)

    Thank you for taking the time to apply. You should receive your approval email along with an invoice in the following few days.